Our Space Hinckley on the 24th September 2016.

Theme: Harvest

This was the first time that we produced a plan for the session, giving one to each family. This gives each family an idea of each craft and activity available. An insight to whats happening when and allows us to explain the theme in a bit more detail.
This is especially helpful for families with children diagnosed with autism who need a bit more structure.

The story was all about Harvest.

Stain glass apples. This craft is simple but effective. Apple cut outs with lots of left over coloured paper stuck onto the apple and then laminated to give it the stain glass effect.

Food Craft:
Bread shapes. The team prepared lots of easy bake dough before the session and then the families were about to create whatever shape they wanted out of it. It was then baked in time for the kids to take it home by the end of the session. Yummy!

Tuff Spot 1:
Focusing on food that grows in the ground, this tuff spot allowed the children to play with soil and veg. Smell the food and be educated about where the food comes from.

Tuff Spot 2:
A farm themed tuff spot, with tractor toys and other items on display. It was a very crunchy spot as the ‘fields’ were made from different types of cereal.
The kids could feel the food, taste it and break it up. They could re shape the fields and farm and race the toys around in the spot.
Before and after pictures below.
14470534_10154619772479073_1574061125299021417_n  img_3139

As well as a sensory room we also have a wonderful ball pit and soft play area, plus a carpeted area for babies and toddlers. We tend to do singing in this calm area to finish off each session.



We hope these session pictures and explanations give you some inspiration!

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