Our Space Hinckley on the 22nd October 2016.

Theme: Light
To link in with bonfire night, and our churches alternative Halloween ‘light’ party.

Food craft:
Decorating biscuits, the sprinkles on top of the black icing make a wonderful firework design.

Messy Craft:
Advent Candles. Doing them in October meant that they can be dry and ready for families to take home after the November session, just in time for Advent. A easy but great way to talk about Jesus being light in the world.

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These wonderful creative shapes where cut from paper that when scrapped would reveal a multitude of colours. Allowing light and dark, colour and shade to be explored.


Tuff spot 1:
A campfire tuff spot, with edible marshmallows.
A colourful and sensory extravaganza, which allowed children to experience fire without the danger. 


Tuff spot 2:
This dark den, filled with torches and light making equipment allowed the children to have a calm safe space that was full of shapes, shadows and space.

We explored different sources of light in our story using our big screen, getting the children to identify the light sources. Then Amy explained that her favourite source of light was a candle. Moving forward she explained that Jesus is a light in the world, and if we believe in Him we can be a light to others as well. We all carry light.
The story was followed by singing ‘This little light of mine.’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKkbIZtqhyQ)
We always have a wonderful amount of food and refreshments available for the families who attend Our Space. David and Sue keep everyone happy.


Feel free to use the ideas and adapt them for your setting.


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