Below is the story script we used on the 26th November during Our Space.
Further down is some hints to help make the story more sensory.

Story: Healthy Bodies are WOW.
(Written by Ben Williams.)

Some people make me say ‘wow’. Can everyone say ‘wow’ (with a hand gesture of your choosing). These people have done amazing things. People who have used their bodies to achieve so much. 

Consider all the Olympians and Paralympian’s, who won medals this summer.
Some had to run (let’s all run), some had to throw (let’s all throw), some had to swim, (all pretend to swim), some even had to ride a horse (let’s all gallop).
These people make me say….(all together) Wow. 

And what about all those amazing scientists, who do such important work in laboratories, or out in the world.
They have to think (show me your thinking face), they have to write down their results (everyone pretend to write), and they look through microscopes to see the smallest details (look through binoculars type thing), and they give people medicine to help make life easier.
These people make me say…Wow. 

And what about performers. Those actors who use their voices to entertain us, everyone say Shakespeare (repeat), or singers who write wonderful music, repeat after me LA LA LA (singing), or what about dancers who impress us every Saturday night on Strictly come dancing (ballroom pose).
These people make me say…Wow.

And what about those people who work in shops over Christmas, having to take money as quickly as possible (do the action), wrap up gifts for impatient customers (wrapping action), and always have to do it with a smile on their face (big smiles).
Those people really make me say…Wow. 

But do you know, all these people started out just like you.
They were just young boys and girls who liked to run (run), who liked to explore (look out), who liked dance (dance).
We can all use our bodies to do amazing things, to help our friends (Makaton Sign for help), to make people smile (Sign smile) and to enjoy every single day. (Sign for Day)

But someone else that really makes me go WOW is Jesus.
He walked on water (Pretend action), fed 5000 people (Food sign) with only a few fish (fish sign) and some bread (bread sign), and he helped the people that others ignored. (Help sign)
Jesus makes me say…Wow.
But he also helps me and you today, to live a really full life. A life full of running (Action), and helping (sign), and smiling (sign) and dancing (action) and even some singing. (sign)
And that’s what we are going to do now. We are going to s
ing: Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

(First normally, then take out different words, then do it really fast leading to them all sitting down.)

Hints and tips:
Create a simple powerpoint to go with the story. Using images of famous people, or images that denote the careers mentioned.

Learn basic Makaton signs for key words and phrases. Have some leaders in front of you doing the signs and encouraging kids to join in.

Learn the script and be confident with it. If you miss one, it’s okay, but try to keep yourself from just reading it off the page. 

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