Session Details for 26th November 2016.

Theme: Healthy Bodies

Hand out for families:

Healthy Teeth. Using the images the participants had to identify what food and drink was good or bad for them and stick it onto the correct side of the paper.

Food Craft:
Wings of Energy – Butterfly snacks.
An easy craft that needed fruit, another snack, pegs, pens, pipe cleaners and sandwich bags.
A good one that kids could take away for later on.
img_3249 img_3248

I am special mirrors. Using the book ‘You are Special’ this craft helped kids see that they were unique and wonderful, loved by God.

Tuff spot 1:
My Potato Head. Using healthy foods participants could create their own Mr Potato head. A smelly, messy and sensory joy.

Tuff Spot 2:
A sports day activity encouraging exercise and healthy competition. Bean bags were thrown into buckets worth different points. 3 throws per go were allowed and the points were added up and placed alongside their name on the board.
1 point for getting it into the black tuff spot, 5 point bucket, 10 point bucket, 20 point bucket and 25 point pad at the back.

Chill out area: Full of magazines and newspapers, a nice seating area near the refreshments were parents and carers can relax.


Sensory Story:
See the separate post for the whole story, but it was a script developed by our team to look at the amazing things people, using their bodies, could achieve. But reminding them all that these amazing people started our just like us. We then looked at Jesus and the amazing things He did while living on earth, plus how He still helps us today. Below is the set we used.


Music and Movement:
We invited KatyLou’s Music and Movement to do a half an hour session as part of Our Space. It was a great time for singing, creative movement and an inclusive time for parents and children have enjoy together.

We hope these ideas inspire you!

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