Our Space Christmas Party 2017. 


We have 2 visitors to the session in December. One was Santa (of course) and the other was Trinity Players Pantomime Company, a local performing arts group, who kindly adapted there recently production of Snow White to provide a relaxed performance to those in attendance.


We created and decorated ‘David Stars’ to help us think about the star that led the wise men to Jesus. Lots of glittery fun. They could be taken home and hung on the tree.


We created cards with angels on them to remind us of the good news shared by the angels in the bible. Plus they made great gifts for family members. They were created using cupcake cases and pipe cleaners.


Our team had lots of fun taking pictures with these selfie accessories. We provided some in every area to encourage play and family interaction.


Every child received a toy from Santa. Those with additional needs were given a sensory toy and chocolate and others received a chocolate tube. We created a little grotto area with a divider and had elves guarding the entrance. Each family had a photo with Santa that were put up on the private Facebook group.


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