We wanted to explore LENT in an accessible way in Feb 2018. We explored as much as we could about Lent including Shove Tuesday or Pancake Day. The play dough pancakes seen in the picture below allowed children to use kitchen tools and shape their own ‘dough’.


We also jumped forward through the story a bit and created hand shaped palm leaves. To do this we need card, paint, lollypop sticks, scissors and tape. Paint the child’s hand, get them to make a handprint on the card, wash and dry their hands, cut around the hand and attach it to a stick. Write their names on the stick. Leave to dry fully. Use them as part of a sensory story later in the session if you wanted to.


This tuff spot was a little messy but explored pancake day and allowed for them to mix, fold, flip, cut, spread and more.


Interactive Story:
We wrote a short talk and got the children to sign four specific words.

  1. During lent many people STOP eating a specific thing. This helps remind them to THINK about those who have no food and PRAY that God would provide for them. While WAITING for Easter what could you give up that helps you STOP, THINK, PRAY and WAIT.
  2. During lent Christians STOP and THINK about Jesus and the life He lived, all the miracles He did and when Jesus got arrested and killed. They PRAY for help to understand the importance of this story better and WAIT for God to answer.
  3. During Lent we want to STOP and invite you to THINK about coming to an Easter church service. You are welcome to come and PRAY in church and while you are here you can WAIT for the Easter egg hunt to start.

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