The Practical Page

The aim of this page is to outline the practical details of running an Our Space group, including the financial implication and general demands on time.

Money Money Money:
Entrance fee: The first time a family attends Our Space it is free of charge and upon their return each family is charged £1.50. This small entrance fee helps each session to pay for itself (the craft material and refreshments).

Start up costs: When starting a new group we suggest printing leaflets, buying t-shirts for your team with the Our Space logo on and printing registration forms and other posters. All of this can add up so make sure you budget for it. Also consider any finance you want to put aside for ongoing advertisement.

Sensory Equipment: This can be the most expensive part of start a group for children with additional needs, however we suggest looking at and being creative with what you already have at church. Check out our Set Up a Sensory Room page for Top Tips.

Registration forms: It’s important that you collect details of the families attending Our Space. Firstly to stay in touch, secondly to understand the needs of each family and finally to ensure you are equipped with information in case of safeguarding issues.

Social Media: We suggest setting up a Facebook group for your local Our Space to allow for easy communication between sessions and it helps other adults invite their friends.

Sign in / Out: At each session have a welcome desk to provide a warm welcome, but also to get names of those in attendance. It helps keep track of our groups progress but also helps in case there is a evacuation / fire drill.

You can download Our Space resources, such as a logo or font guidelines, here.

Time Demands:
On the Day: If your session is running between 2-4pm. Allow two hours to set up before hand and one hour for pack down after.

Between Sessions: You will want to host a team meeting once a half term to plan and evaluate the sessions, do some team building activities and encourage feedback. You will also need to plan, buy and set up your activities in the week leading up to the session. Usually we give each team member an activity and they plan something in line with that months theme and share their ideas with each other on a private team Facebook page to make sure there are not any clashes.