Vision and Values

Our Space believes everyone is loved, valuable and created by God. Our Space exists to endorse such a belief and provide an environment where those with additional needs can thrive, explore the Christian faith and be included as full participating members of the body of Christ.

Supported by Church / Leader: We believe Our Space groups work best when there is a commitment from the general church to become more inclusive and welcoming to those with additional needs. This does not mean that the church has to be perfectly inclusive, but simply that it understands the challenges it can bring and yet is committed to working through them to bring inclusion. We understand that this isn’t always possible and that starting a group can help educate churches and bring a greater awareness. However you should always have the permission of your church leader(s).  

Opening the door to faith – Our Space aims, by means of a biblical theme, prayer focused activities and the sensory story, to allow families to explore the Jesus and the whole Christian faith in a accessible way.

Welcoming – Our Space is for all the family, not just those with additional needs. The group aims to provide an environment for every member of a family to interact with peers and each others creating more inclusion.

Relaxed – Our Space aims to allow every person to relax and be themselves. Practically this means that we try to create a judgement free environment where behaviour is not evaluated and support is offered to anyone whatever the circumstance.

Inclusion – Our Space is an accessible group but the ultimately aim is to encourage churches to integrate Our Space methods into other activities and church services to allow full inclusion of children, young people and adults with additional needs into the general programme of local life.